Figure 3. Effect of araçá on antioxidant defenses in rats. PON (A), CAT and SOD activity (B) and glutathione concentration (C). PON: Paraoxonase enzyme; CAT: Catalase enzyme; SOD: Superoxide dismutase enzyme; GSH: Reduced glutathione; GSSG: Oxidized glutathione. C: Control. CAF: Control + Araçá. HF: High-fat. HFAF: High-fat + Aracá.Data are presented as mean ± standard deviation. (*) Indicates significant difference of diet and (#) indicates significant difference of araçá, by two-way ANOVA test followed Tukey’s post-test. Significant differences were considered for p < 0.05.


Araçá (Psidium cattleianum Sabine) Ameliorates Liver Damage and Reduces Hepatic Steatosis in Rats Fed with a High-fat Diet

Alice Helena S. PAULINO, Ana Maria F. VIANA, Larissa F. BONOMO, Joyce Ferreira C. GUERRA, Juliana Márcia M. LOPES, Ana Carolina S. RABELO, Miliane Martins A. FAGUNDES, Ana Lúcia Rissoni S. RÉGIS, Wanderson G. LIMA, Maria Lúcia PEDROSA, Marcelo Eustáquio SILVA

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research. 2019, 7(2), 132-140 doi:10.12691/jfnr-7-2-5