Figure 2. (Color online) Calculated air enthalpy P-T diagram. Isenthalpic curves: H = 0.95·s MJ/kg, s = 1,2…16; A, B, B’, C, chosen special points (Figure 1); a, Joule-Thomson inversion curve at K = 3.42, b, approximate Joule-Thomson inversion curve built by (Figure 1, curves 2, 3); lines c and d note the Joule-Thomson process possible pressure limits 300bar and 700 bar


Linde-Hampson Anti-Machine: Self-heated Compressed Van-Der-Waals Gas as an Energy Carrier for Pneumatic Vehicles

E.Ya. Glushko

American Journal of Energy Research. 2013, 1(3), 59-67 doi:10.12691/ajer-1-3-4