Figure 5. Stoichiometric simulation with masses. The operations carried out are: cell C5: =C19/4000, cell C10: = C9/C8, cell D10: =D9/D8, cell E10: =E9/E8, cell C12: = -C5, cell D12: =-2*C5, cell E12: =2*C5, cell C13: =C12*C8, cell D13: =D12*D8, cell E13: =E12*E8, cell C14: =C10+C12, cell D14: =D10+D12, cell E14: =E10+E12, cell C15: =C14*C8, cell D15: =D14*D8, cell E15: =E14*E8, cell C16: =IF((C15)<=0; "¡limiting!"; "excess"), cell D16: =IF((D15)<=0;"¡limiting!"; "excess")


Learning Stoichiometry with Spreadsheet Simulations

Andrés Raviolo

World Journal of Chemical Education. 2019, 7(3), 203-208 doi:10.12691/wjce-7-3-3