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Effect of Cowpea Hay Supplementation on Milk Production Performances of Local Crossbred Cattle (Bos indicus X Bos taurus) in Extensive System in Burkina Faso

Salimata Pousga, Mamadou Traore, Adama Belem, Vinsoum Millogo, Hassan Bismark Nacro

World Journal of Agricultural Research. 2019, 7(1), 14-20 doi:10.12691/wjar-7-1-3
  • Table 1. Evolution of the body conditions score (BCS) (N = 20)
  • Table 2. Average body weight of the calve before and after the experiment (N = 20)
  • Table 3. Chemical composition of cowpea hay (N = 20)
  • Table 4. Average daily nutrients intake from supplementary feed (gram/day/cow) (N= 900)
  • Table 5. Average daily milk yield according to treatment and milking period (ml/d/cow)
  • Table 6. Evolution of milk yield within the four sampling periods (ml/d/cow)
  • Table 7. Milk chemical parameters (N =160)
  • Table 8. Evolution of the milk chemical composition (N = 160)
  • Table 9. Evolution of milk chemical composition within the four sampling periods (N =160)
  • Table 10. Economic evaluation of the supplementation