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Scaling Climate-smart Agriculture in North-central Vietnam

Elisabeth Simelton, Tham Thi Dao, An The Ngo, Tam Thi Le

World Journal of Agricultural Research. 2017, 5(4), 200-211 doi:10.12691/wjar-5-4-2
  • Figure 1. (a) Map of Vietnam with Ha Tinh province (black), (b) Ha Tinh province with Ky Anh district (grey) and Ky Trung commune (black), and (c) Ky Trung (and neighbouring) communes with approximate location of villages (no boundaries)
  • Figure 2. Decadal variability in monthly rainfall and average temperature in Ky Anh district, 1982-2011
  • Figure 3. Land use and hazard map, Dat Do Village. Source: focus groups, October 2015
  • Figure 4. Vertical (land use change) and horizontal (land conversion) pathways towards intensified climate-smarter land uses in Ky Trung commune. The four columns represent current key land use types, and cells with black borders are existing baseline practices
  • Figure 5. Areas planted in 2015 and planned by 2020 [20] for flagship crops in Ha Tinh province’ Masterplan [21]