Figure 1. Amplification of 12 chickpea accessions with primer OPA-18 M: 3Kb markers B: Blank; Lane 1 -12: ILWC292, IPC-11-64,IPC-12-277,EC 556270,IPC-12-01,ICC-17148,IPC-12-03,IPC-12-257, ILWC-142,IPC 12-88,IPC 12-11,IPC 11-13


Molecular Diversity Assessment in Chickpea through RAPD and ISSR Markers

Sameer. S. Bhagyawant, Neha Gupta, Ajay Gautam, S.K. Chaturvedi, Nidhi Shrivastava

World Journal of Agricultural Research. 2015, 3(6), 192-197 doi:10.12691/wjar-3-6-2