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Aquaculture Monitoring and Control Systems for Seaweed and Fish Farming

Nitaigour Premchand Mahalik, Kiseon Kim

World Journal of Agricultural Research. 2014, 2(4), 176-182 doi:10.12691/wjar-2-4-7
  • Figure 1. (a) Per capita fish consumption; (b) Global annual fish production (Top: Captured fish, Bottom: Aquaculture based); (c) Global fish production in past 60 years; (d) Fish production in percentage by region, (e) Global seaweed production (MT, %), (f) Seaweed value ((USD in Million, % use for food vs. industry use), (g) Three type of seaweeds for industrial use (Dollar value, %) [3,4,5]
  • Figure 2. Some species of fish for aquaculture [8]
  • Figure 3. RAS based fish farming - semi-manual (Adopted from Baltimore: Yossi Tal, Harold J. Schreier, Kevin R. Sowers, John D. Stubblefield, Allen R. Place, Yonathan Zohar (2009). Environmentally sustainable land-based marine aquaculture, Aquaculture 286 (2009) 28–35
  • Figure 4. Sensors used to measure DO
  • Figure 5. (a) DLAP: The scope and extent of technology for a standard model for development, configuration and backup (b) ELAP: Sustainable energy harvesting, floating technology, wireless technology, and control-room management system