Figure 2. Formation of in vitro roots and acclimatization of ' Horana Papaya Hybrid 01’. (A) Root induction and callus formation in 4.0 mg/L IBA) (B) and (C) Root induction in 2.0 mg/L IBA. (D) An in vitro raised plantlet of 'Horana Papaya Hybrid 01' after one week and (E) after four weeks of acclimatization


In vitro Propagation of Carica papaya L. Variety ‘Horana Papaya Hybrid 01’ Using Shoot Tip

S.M. Waidyaratne, L.G.I. Samanmalie, P.K.C. Buddhinie

World Journal of Agricultural Research. 2022, 10(1), 15-19 doi:10.12691/wjar-10-1-3