Figure 1. Absence of direct toxicity by various plant extracts or their mixture. Extracts added to PHA-treated peripheral blood leukocytes (upper panel) or keratinocyte cultures. Following 3 day incubation, the number of leukocytes (upper panel), cell viability (MTT test, central panel) and apoptosis/necrosis (lower panel) of keratinocytes were quantified. Mean±SD from two distinct donors, each done in triplicate


Sublethal UVB Induces DNA Lesions and Pro-Apoptotic Gene Transcription in Human Keratinocytes: Attenuation by a Mixture of Plant Extracts

Rachid Ennamany, Nadine Leconte, Jacques Lecrlerc, Aliza Jabès, Hamid-Reza Rezvani, Jérôme Rambert, Khaled Ezzedine, M. Djavad Mossalayi

World Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2013, 1(2), 4-10 doi:10.12691/jpm-1-2-1