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The Study of Solvent Laundering on Surface Dye-wash and Structures of Polyester Fabric

Oyeleke G.O., Adetoro R.O., Ishola A.D., Salam M.A.

Journal of Polymer and Biopolymer Physics Chemistry. 2017, 5(1), 1-9 doi:10.12691/jpbpc-5-1-1
  • Figure 1. CDT of solvent treated fibres against treatment time (Note: Untreated fibre (CDT) = 32.00 secs)
  • Figure 2. CDT of heat set fibre at 85°C against treatment time
  • Figure 3. Solvent Retention of the Chlorinated Solvents and the Treatment time
  • Figure 4. IR Spectra of Control and 30s solvent Treated Fibre in TCM, TCE, PCE and 1,1-DCE
  • Figure 5. XRD of Control (A) and Dyed PET Fibres Laundered with PCE (B), TCE (C), 1,1-DCE (D) and TCM (E)
  • Plate 1. SEM of Control (A) and Dyed PET fibres Laundered with TCE (B), PCE (C), 1,1-DCE (D) and TCM (E) at 500X