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Competitive Intelligence in Health: An Analysis of the Big Data for Rescuing the Neglect of the Neglected Diseases on Last Century

Jorge Lima de Magalhães, Luc Quoniam, Wanise Barroso, Carla Silveira

World Journal of Nutrition and Health. 2014, 2(3), 39-47 doi:10.12691/jnh-2-3-3
  • Figure 1. Data mining on neglected diseases group
  • Figure 2. Overview of global alerts about dengue ( Access 01.03.2014)
  • Figure 3. Evolution of the links between the information in the connection between people. Adapted by the authors of the New Spivak (2013)
  • Figure 4. Overall map about global alerts in dengue.
  • Figure 5. Core research in dengue by Lingo3G software (Fev/2014) data
  • Figure 6. Essential dengue by Lingo3G software data - PubMed (Fev/2014) alone
  • Figure 7. Experts in dengue extracted from basic Lattes databe
  • Figure 8. Dengue experts extracts basic Lattes more collaborative network
  • Figure 9. Geolocation map - Dengue Experts
  • Figure 10. Map geolocation - Experts dengue.