Figure 2. Macroscopic (a-b) and photomicrograph (c-f) views of the studied iron formations. (a) Field exposure and (b) hand specimen’s picture showing microbanding; (c-f) Transmitted light photomicrographs showing Opx+Pl+Mt mineral assemblages (c,f); destabilization of pyroxene to magnetite; and red pink coloration of goethite which altered to magnetite (e); l. Opx, orthopyroxene; Pl, plagioclase; Geo, goethite; Mt, magnetite. Mineral abbreviation based on [26]


Petrography and Major Element Geochemistry of the Endengue Iron Formations, Ntem Complex, South Cameroon

Robinson Tchatchueng, Habib Dadjo Djamo, Timoléon Ngnotué, Evine Laure Tanko Njiosseu, Mamadou Traoré, Cyriel Moudioh, Hervé Wabo, Cédric Djeutchou, Jean Paul Nzenti

Journal of Geosciences and Geomatics. 2020, 8(1), 15-24 doi:10.12691/jgg-8-1-3