Figure 3. (a)Flat outcrop of garnet bearing micaschist; (b) Photomicrograph of garnet-bearing micaschist displaying garnet porphyroblast containing biotite and muscovite as inclusions. (c)Detail outcrop view of pyroxene-rich gneiss. Note thethin alternation of ferromagnesian and quartzo-feldspathic layers. (d)Photomicrograph of pyroxene-rich gneiss showing almond-shaped orthopyroxene crystal displaying a rim composed of Qtz + Pl + Ox. (e)Outcrop view of garnet-rich charnockitic gneiss; (f)Orthopyroxenemegacrystal displaying corona of Qtz + Pl in garnet-bearing charnockitic gneiss; (Qtz: quartz; Pl: plagioclase;Grt: garnet; Opx: orthopyroxene; Ms: muscovite; Bt: biotite; Ox: opaque oxide)


Origin and Evolution of the Formation of the Nyong Series in the Western Border of the Craton

Ndema Mbongue J. L., Ngnotue T., Ngo Nlend C. D., Nzenti J. P., Cheo Suh E.

Journal of Geosciences and Geomatics. 2014, 2(2), 62-75 doi:10.12691/jgg-2-2-4