Figure 4. (a) Na2O + K2O - SiO2 diagram [20], the line dividing the alkaline domain from the calc-alkaline domain is after [29], (b) Diagram A/NK - A/CNK [21] showing the metaluminous to peraluminous nature of the plutonic rocks. (c) and (d) K2O-SiO2 (Peccerillo and Taylor, 1976) and Na2O+K2O-CaO-SiO2 [23] diagrams showing the calc-alkaline to shoshonite nature of the rocks studied. (e) FeO/MgO+FeO - SiO2 diagram [23] showing the magnesian and ferriferous nature of the Pitoa granitoïds


Contribution to the Petrogenesis of Pan-Africain Granitoids from East Pitoa in the Northern Cameroon Domain of the Central Africain Fold Belt: Implications for Their Sources and Geological Setting

Cedric Roth Happi Djofna, Merlain Houketchang Bouyo, Daouda Dawai, Rigobert Tchameni, Landry Kouedjou, Martial Periclex Tchunte Fosso, Hervé Brice Fotso Kengne

Journal of Geosciences and Geomatics. 2022, 10(3), 112-125 doi:10.12691/jgg-10-3-1