Figure 1. a- Genelized geologic map for West- Central Africa and northeastern Brazil in a Gonwana (Pre-drift) configuration. Dashed outline denotes approximate boundary of Cameroon. Modified from [4,24,20]. AF: Adamaoua Fault; PL: Pernambuco Lineament in Brazil; SF: Sanaga Fault; TBF: Tchollire-Banyo Fault; archean cratons may include Paleoproterozoic fold belts, B/PA with PP refers to regions of Brasiliano-Pan African deformation with large amounts of reworked paleoproterozoic basement; B/PA no PP refers to regions of Brasiliano-Pan African deformation in which paleoproteroaoic basement is absent or only present as small isled blocks. Cities in Cameroon, D: Douala; G: Garoua; P: Poli; Y: Yaounde. b- Geological map of Cameroon edit from [25] showing the main lithological domains: (1) South domain; (2) central domain; (3) North domain; CCC: Central Cameroonian Shear; FS: Sanaga Fault; FTB: Tcholliré-Banyo Fault; NT: Ntem complex; SD: dja series; SN: Nyong series; FA: Adamaoua Fault


Petrographic and Structural Assessment of the Gounbela Area (Meiganga, Cameroon): An Approach for the Comprehension of the Geodynamic Context of the Adamawa-Yadé Emplacement

Mana Bouba Christian, Ismaïla Ahmadou, Ipan Antoinette Solange, Issac Bertrand Gbambie Mbowou, Yingyang Wanbitching Raoul, Sep Nlonngan Jean Paul, Dili-Rake Jacques, Bomolomo Michel Vanessa, Safianou Ousmanou, Bello Bienvenue

Journal of Geosciences and Geomatics. 2022, 10(2), 81-88 doi:10.12691/jgg-10-2-2