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Assessment of Household Food Security Situation during the Covid-19 Lockdown in Kenya

Dinga Lynette Aoko, Ojijo Nelson K. Olang’o

Journal of Food Security. 2021, 9(3), 94-100 doi:10.12691/jfs-9-3-1
  • Table 1. Distribution of Study Respondents by Place of Residence
  • Table 2. Demographic and Socioeconomic Information of the Households
  • Table 3. Household Economic Pressure and Ability to Meet Food Needs
  • Table 4. Household Food Consumption Patterns
  • Table 5. Household Dietary Diversity Status
  • Table 6. Food Insecurity Coping Strategy by Households
  • Table 7. Socio-demographic Factors Associated with HDDS
  • Table 8. Coping Strategies Associated with HDDS
  • Table 9. Determinants of HDDS