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Isolation and Identification of Bacteriocin-Producing Bacillus spp from Rastrineobola argentea (Omena) with Activity against Bovine Mastitis Bacterial Pathogens

Juliana Maina, Julius Maina Mathara, Gideon M. Kikuvi, Eliud Wafula

Journal of Food Security. 2021, 9(2), 62-75 doi:10.12691/jfs-9-2-4
  • Table 1. Cultural/Colony and morphological characteristics of isolates obtained from Rastrineobola agentea
  • Table 2. Biochemical characteristics of bacterial isolates obtained from Rastrineobola argentea
  • Table 3. Antimicrobial activity of supernatant (crude bacteriocin) obtained from different Bacillus isolates inhibition zone (diameter, mm) against tested bacteria
  • Table 4. Characterization of Bacillus sp using the API profile index system
  • Table 5. BLAST analysis results of the isolates nearest neighbours in the data bank and their percentage relatedness