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Food Security Implications of Protein Demand of Underutilised Indigenous Vegetables Farming Households in Southwestern Nigeria

Adeolu B. Ayanwale, Adesiyan O. Funmilola, Adelekun. C. Abiodun, Ojo. P. Mathew, Ajekigbe N Alaba, Durodoluwa J. Oyedele

Journal of Food Security. 2019, 7(5), 183-191 doi:10.12691/jfs-7-5-5
  • Table 1. Do you experience food shortages in a week
  • Table 2. Distribution of the coping strategies of the vegetable farmers
  • Table 3. Per capita expenditure of vegetable farmers per week
  • Table 4. Income and Substitution effect of elasticity of Demand
  • Table 5. Cross-price elasticity of demand
  • Table 6. Expenditure elasticity of Demand
  • Table 7. Effect of the budget share of the protein sources on real income (proxied by expenditure)
  • Table 8. Determinants of protein demand