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Food Security Status of Peri-Urban Modern Small Scale Irrigation Project Beneficiary Female Headed Households in Kobo Town, Ethiopia

Goitom Sisay Mengesha

Journal of Food Security. 2017, 5(6), 259-272 doi:10.12691/jfs-5-6-6
  • Table 1. Household Dietary Diversity Score of the sample households
  • Table 2. Food Groups reported to be consumed by sample households in 24 hours recall period
  • Table 3. Food groups reported to be consumed by sample households in a week period
  • Table 4. Descriptive statistics summary of per capita annual NAF food grain
  • Table 5. Sample households’ total annual food available from all food sources
  • Table 6. Food Security Status of Sample households as per NAF/ADE/year
  • Table 7. Food insecurity indices of the sample food insecure households
  • Table 8. Correlation between HDDS, FCS and NAF
  • Table 9. Relationships between household food security status, HDDS and FCS