Figure 2. Gel electrophoretic image represents an image for RAPD profiles produced by using OPD12 primer. The molecular sizes in base pairs (bp) of selected bands are indicated on the left of each gel; lane 1 Com.= represents commercial chicken; lanes from 2- to 5 for progesterone treated groups [lane 2 = GI (1mg, subcutaneous); lane 3= GII (1.5 mg/subcutaneous); lane 4 = GIII (1 mg orally); lane 5= GIV (1.5 mg, orally) 2nd orally], and; exposed to either 1mg, or 1.5 mg/kg orally on daily basis for 3 weeks and lane 6 for control non-treated chicken. DNA control; and lane M= 100 bp DNA ladder


Changes in RAPD-DNA Markers and Plasma Protein Profile in Progesterone-Treated Chicken

Tito Naeem Habib, Gamal El-Din S. Amin, Ahmed Ahmed Hussien, Mohammed Salama, Mohamed Omar Ahmed, Motamed Elasyed Mahmoud

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research. 2021, 9(9), 477-483 doi:10.12691/jfnr-9-9-4