Figure 1. Body weight over 12 weeks A) Diet-induced obesity in mice treated with a High Fat Diet (HFD) and the comparison with standard diet (SD), n=14 on each group. B) Weekly body weight change, C) Cumulative feed intake in g and kcal and D) Feed efficiency under cactus treatment of groups of mice fed with standard diet (SD), standard-diet with cactus flour (SD-CF), high fat diet (HFD) and high fat diet with cactus flour (HFD-CF); n=7 in each group. Two-way ANOVA (repeated measures for A and B) and one-way ANOVA (for C and D) followed by Bonferroni’s post hoc test. Data shown in means ± SEM. *P<0.05 vs SD


Addition of Opuntia ficus-indica Reduces Hypothalamic Microglial Activation and Improves Metabolic Alterations in Obese Mice Exposed to a High-fat Diet

Mercedes Victoria Urquiza-Martínez, Héctor Eduardo Martínez-Flores, Omar Guzmán-Quevedo, Ana Elisa Toscano, Raul Manhães de Castro, Luz Torner, Rosalío Mercado-Camargo, Rosa Elena Pérez-Sánchez, María Carmen Bartolome-Camacho

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research. 2020, 8(9), 473-483 doi:10.12691/jfnr-8-9-4