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Effect of Oral Intake of A Mixture Containing Natural Citrus Peel Extract, Vitamin C, and L-Cystine on Skin Brightness in Healthy Women

Jeong Kee Kim, Nok Hyun Park, Jae Sung Hwang, Ji Hoon Baek, Hyun Woo Jeong

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research. 2018, 6(10), 655-659 doi:10.12691/jfnr-6-10-6
  • Table 1. Formula of the test sample. All subjects were administered one capsule once per day
  • Table 2. Baseline characteristics of the 65 female subjects
  • Table 3. Changes in melanin index (MI) values with AP-BF02 supplement
  • Table 4. Changes in lightness values (L*) and ΔL* with AP-BF02 supplement
  • Table 5. Changes in ITAO and ΔITAO with AP-BF02 supplement
  • Table 6. Depigmenting effects of AP-BF02 intake on skin as scored by investigators