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Effect of Raw and Cooked Ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) Extracts on Insulin Sensitivity in Normal and High-fat Diet-induced Diabetic Rats

Adeniyi P.O., Sanusi R.A., Obatolu V.A.

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research. 2017, 5(11), 838-843 doi:10.12691/jfnr-5-11-7
  • Table 1. Insulin Tolerance Test (Insulin sensitivity) before the introduction of HFD
  • Table 2. Insulin Tolerance Test at 12 weeks HFD consumption
  • Table 3. Insulin Tolerance Test at 4 weeks raw and cooked ginger extracts and Metformin administration
  • Table 4. KITT (%/min) of the Insulin Tolerance Tests