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Changes in Antioxidant Activity and Antioxidative Compounds of Brown Rice after Pre-germination

Sittidet Yodpitak, Phumon Sookwong, Pakinee Akkaravessapong, Sugunya Wongpornchai

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research. 2013, 1(6), 132-137 doi:10.12691/jfnr-1-6-4
  • Figure 1. Antioxidant activities of the extracts from PBR and non-PBR measured by DPPH assay. PT 1: PathumThani 1, KDML 105: KhaoDawk Mali 105, CN: Chai Nat 1, RD 31: Rice Department 31, SY: SangyodMuangPattalung, RD 6 : Rice Department 6, ND: Niew Dum
  • Figure 2. Contents ofα-tocopherol (A) and γ-tocopherol (B) in PBR and non-PBR samples
  • Figure 3.Content oftotal tocotrienol in PBR and non-PBR samples
  • Figure 4. Content of total γ-oryzanol in PBR and non-PBR samples