Figure 3. Dendogram of the cluster analysis [1. Intervention Systems Influenced by the Condition of the Driver, 2. Systems Assisting to Keep the Highway Code, 3. Individualized real-time continuous following and assisting of the participant’s traffic behaviour, 4. Forecast of dangerous traffic situations, 5. Systems assisting the rescue activities, 6. Unified electronic driving licenses and registration system in the EU, 7. Traffic control systems, 8. Generating road safety characteristics of the road infrastructure, 9. Active in-vehicle road safety systems, 10. In-vehicle monitoring systems assisting the road safety and to be used compulsorily]


Statistical Analysis of a Multi-Criteria Assessment of Intelligent Traffic Systems for the Improvement of Road Safety

Árpád Török

Journal of Finance and Economics. 2016, 4(5), 127-135 doi:10.12691/jfe-4-5-1