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Design and Implementation of ARM Based advanced Industrial Control and Data Acquisition with Wireless LAN Monitoring

K.S. Patle, P.B. Dahikar, K.Y. Rokde

Journal of Embedded Systems. 2015, 3(1), 16-20 doi:10.12691/jes-3-1-3
  • Figure 1.1. Real time embedded system with RTOS
  • Figure 2.1. block diagram of the system
  • Figure 2.2. Interfacing of SIM300 GSM module with ARM processor
  • Figure 2.3. Serial to Ethernet convertor module used in the system.
  • Figure 3.1. Designed sytem
  • Figure 4.1. Flow chart of Hardware & μCOS_II implementation
  • Result :- Results of Ethernet on web page
  • Result:- RTC Configuration
  • Result :- UART and ADC0 Configuration
  • Result:- Simulation Result of UART and GSM SIM 300
  • Result:- Result on LCD screen