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Data Warehouse Signature: A Framework for Implementing Security Issues in Data Warehouses

Mayada J. AlMeghari

Journal of Computer Sciences and Applications. 2017, 5(1), 17-24 doi:10.12691/jcsa-5-1-3
  • Figure 1. DWSend model – Data Encryption Process
  • Figure 2. DWReceive model – Data Decryption Process
  • Figure 3. DW organization types for DWS VML middleware
  • Figure 4. DWS Architecture and its data flow
  • Figure 5A. Total send time in the serial current systems
  • Figure 5B. Total execution time for DWSend model in DWS framework
  • Figure 6A. Total receive time in the serial current systems
  • Figure 6B. Total execution time for DWReceive model in DWS framework