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Electronic Procurement and Performance of Non-Governmental Organizations in Kenya. Empirical Evidence from Pathfinder International, Kenya

Florence Muthoni Ndei, Morrisson Mutuku

Journal of Business and Management Sciences. 2021, 9(2), 71-80 doi:10.12691/jbms-9-2-3
  • Table 1. Reliability Statistics
  • Table 2. Level of agreement regarding e-procurement and organizational performance
  • Table 3. Evaluation of how e-sourcing relates to performance of Pathfinder International
  • Table 4. Assessment of how e-ordering relates to performance of Pathfinder International
  • Table 5. Determination on relationship of e-invoicing to performance of Pathfinder
  • Table 6. Examination of the relationship of e-payment and performance of Pathfinder
  • Table 7. The researcher examined performance of NGO
  • Table 8. Coefficient of Correlation
  • Table 9. Analysis of Variance Results
  • Table 10. Model Summary
  • Table 11. Regression Coefficients