Figure 2. HPCL analysis of MR (methyl red) (A) and its product of decolorization (X1 & X2) by Enterobacter spp. ETL-1979 after 6 hrs of incubation (B) X1 & X2 were identified,in comparision to standards, as, N,N’dimethyl-p-phenylenediamine (DMPD)


Microbial Decolorization of the Azo Dye Methyl Red by Enterobacter spp. ETL-1979

Maulin P Shah, Kavita A Patel, Sunu S Nair, A M Darji

Journal of Applied & Environmental Microbiology. 2013, 1(1), 1-5 doi:10.12691/jaem-1-1-1