Figure 4. 1% agarose gel image of the raw DNA of tested maize inbred lines (1-CML 20, 2-CML 348, 3-CML 322, 4-CML 326, 5-CML-338, 6-CML 164, 7-CML 168, 8-CML 171, 9-CML 189, 10-CML-193, 11-CML 194, 12-No11, 13-No20, 14-No21, 15-No29, 16-No44, 17-Rohini, 18-CML 451, 19-CLO2450, 20-CLRCY017, 21-CLQRCYQ49, 22-CLQRCYQ59, 23-CLQRCYQ71)


Identification of Genetic Distance of Exotic and Locally Developed Maize (Zea mays L) Inbred Lines

Jayasooriya J A U C, Dr. Wasala S K, Zakeel M C M

Journal of Applied Agricultural Economics and Policy Analysis. 2021, 4(1), 1-17