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Investigation of Characteristics of the Reflection of Stationary and Pulse Sound from Visco-Elastic Cylindrical Layers

S. L. Ilmenkov1,, A. A. Kleshchev1, E. I. Kuznetsova1, F. F. Legusha1, Y. V. Chizhov1, G. V. Chizhov1

1Saint-Petersburg State Navy Technical University, Saint-Petersburg, Lotsmanskaya, Russia

International Journal of Physics. 2013, 1(5), 101-105. DOI: 10.12691/ijp-1-5-1
Published online: August 25, 2017


The scattering task of stationary and impulse sound signals by the viscous-elastic and elastic cylindrical layers is studied with the help of Fourier series and fundamental solutions of the Helmholtz equation in circular cylindrical coordinates system. The reflection’s characteristics of sound (harmonic and impulse) are calculated in the large range of angles (including inverse direction).


viscous-elastic layer, impulse, Fourier series
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