Figure 1. Morphology of hDP-MSCs. Single cell derived colonies (arrows) of isolated cells from dental pulp of wisdom teeth formed (P0-8thday) (A) and spread on the surface of flask (asterisks, P0-11st day) (B). The colonies represented mesenchymal stem cells like morphology. Later, most of these stem cells exhibited large, flattened or fibroblast-like morphology (C, P1-5thday; D, P2-5thday) (Magnification: A,B- X48; C- X100; D- X200)


The Effect of Light Curing Units on Proliferation and Senescence of Human Dental Pulp Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Muhammet YALÇIN, Halime KENAR, Burak DAYI, Reyhan ŞİŞMAN, Erdal KARAÖZ

International Journal of Dental Sciences and Research. 2016, 4(1), 10-16 doi:10.12691/ijdsr-4-1-3