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Technology Development for Removing Arsenic (III) by Iron Dust Collected from Rusted Iron Devices

Vijayarani Allam, Sailaja Budati Bala Venkata, Sirisha David

American Journal of Environmental Protection. 2021, 9(1), 13-22 doi:10.12691/env-9-1-2
  • Table 1. Characteristics of Iron Dust
  • Table 2. FTIR spectrum of Iron dust before and after arsenic adsorption
  • Table 3. Adsorption Isotherms constant values at various temperatures
  • Table 4. Kinetic parameters for adsorption of Arsenic by Iron dust
  • Table 5. Thermodynamic parameters of Arsenic adsorption by Iron dust
  • Table 6. Equilibrium parameter RL values at different concentrations and temperatures