Figure-1. Scanning electorn microscopy (SEM) images of: a-f before adsorption:(a) different types of particles with the unequal distribution; (b) various sizes of the particles; (c-d) Cluster of particles in crystalline nature and Kinks, aberration, different types of particles with large pore sizes; (e) the existence of Internal pores, high porosity, heterogeneous surface and White/grey protrusions in the crystalline structure indicate the particle growth; (f) Various shaped particles and Spherical rod like structures; g-i after adsorption: (g-h) Pore coverage by Arsenic molecules and layer formation showing the iron ore’s ability to absorb arsenic molecules; (i) Rod like structure sticking on to the globular particles and settling of Arsenic particles into the pores


Technology Development for Removing Arsenic (III) by Iron Dust Collected from Rusted Iron Devices

Vijayarani Allam, Sailaja Budati Bala Venkata, Sirisha David

American Journal of Environmental Protection. 2021, 9(1), 13-22 doi:10.12691/env-9-1-2