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Biodegradation of Turquoise Blue Dye by Bacillus Megaterium Isolated from Industrial Effluent

Bhoomi Joshi, Khyati Kabariya, Sweta Nakrani, Arif Khan, Farzin M. Parabia, Hiren V. Doshi, Mukund Chandra Thakur

American Journal of Environmental Protection. 2013, 1(2), 41-46 doi:10.12691/env-1-2-5
  • Figure 1. Representing % Dye decolourization in 48 hrs of different dyes
  • Figure 2a. Showing dye degradation
  • Figure 2b. Set-2 (tubes 6 to 10 )
  • Figure 3b. Plate showing dye degradation
  • Figure 4. Degradation of dye in different concentration
  • Figure 5. Optimisation of carbon source
  • Figure 6. Optimisation of nitrogen source
  • Figure 7. Effect of temperature on dye degradation
  • Figure 8. Effect of temperature on dye degradation