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The Effect of Tai (Team Assisted Individualization) Cooperative Learning Model and Expository Model with Open-Ended Approach to Mathematical Connection Ability Reviewed From Initial Mathematical Abilities

Edy Purnomo, Wardani Rahayu, Ajat Sudrajat

American Journal of Educational Research. 2019, 7(8), 530-536 doi:10.12691/education-7-8-1
  • Table 1. Research Design Treatment by Level 2x2
  • Table 2. Research Samples
  • Table 3. Recapitulation of Descriptive Statistics Analysis of Students' Mathematical Connection Ability Using Cooperative Learning Type TAI (Teams Assisted Individualization) and Expository Learning with Open-ended Approach
  • Table 4. ANOVA Test Results in Two Paths of Mathematical Connection Ability Tests of Between-Subjects Effects
  • Table 5. Calculation Results of Difference Test for Groups A1B1 and A2B1
  • Table 6. Calculation Results of the Difference Test for Groups A1B2 and A2B2