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A Comparison of Student Behavior and Performance between an Instructor-Regulated versus Student-Regulated Online Undergraduate Finance Course

Victor Wakeling, Patricia R Robertson

American Journal of Educational Research. 2017, 5(8), 863-870 doi:10.12691/education-5-8-5
  • Table 1. Semester and Student Data
  • Table 2. Quiz Availability and Length of Time Available to Complete
  • Table 3. Study Group Students Taking Quizzes in Advance (1)
  • Table 4. Total Missed Quizzes
  • Table 5. Per Student Frequency of Missed Quizzes
  • Table 6. Median Timing of Quiz Taking Before Deadline for Last Six Quizzes
  • Table 7. Timing Pattern of Quiz Completions against Deadlines
  • Table 8. Chi Square Analysis Based on Timing Ahead of Quiz Deadlines
  • Table 9. t-Test Analysis Based on Average Quiz Scores from Last Six Quizzes
  • Table 10. Average Grade for Last Six Quizzes
  • Table 11. Chi-Square Analysis Based on Grade Shift for Study Group