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Investigating the Effectiveness of Leadership Styles on Instructional Leadership and Teachers Job Expectancy in Kingdom of Bahrain

Sabah Hejres, Ashley Braganza, Tillai Aldabi

American Journal of Educational Research. 2017, 5(7), 694-709 doi:10.12691/education-5-7-2
  • Table 1. Number of participants by senior chiefs, principals and teachers
  • Table 2. Differences attitudes and perceptions of participants
  • Table 3. The relation between the gender and variables
  • Table 4. The relationship between DSPA and teachers job expectancy
  • Table 5. Simple Regression analysis for (DSPA) effect on (IL)
  • Table 6. Simple Regression Analysis for instructional leadership (IL) as Predictor of (JE)
  • Table 7. Senior chiefs focus group responds
  • Number of public schools and teachers by sex for the academic year2014-2015