Figure 1. Responses to the questions by male and female SDHH: A) Do you feel that your parents treat you differently because of your deafness? B) Do you take more time to deal with daily tasks because of your deafness? The X axis is for gender and the Y axis is frequency of yes and no responses


The Perceived Effects/Impacts of Auditory Deficiency on the Social and Academic Behavior of Students in Hail, Saudi Arabia

Maha Al-shammari, Asma Ashankyty, Najmah Al-Mowina, Nadia Al-Mutairy, Lulwah Al-shammari, Anfal al-qrnas, Susan Amin

American Journal of Educational Research. 2014, 2(1), 54-65 doi:10.12691/education-2-1-10