Figure 36. Images of a girl 14 years with back pain so grave she was unable to walk. lumbosacral spine radiographs of the posterior face (a) and lateral (b) show one great fault to extradural (L5-S1) (black arrow) which blocks almost completely the spinal canal to decrease the space between (L5-S1 and L5-L4), (c) TDM lumbosacral spine in axial section showing a herniated disc median (L5-S1) [47]


The Effects Induced by a Backpack Eccentric Load on the Spine of Children

Samir Zahaf, Bensamine Mansouri, Abderrahmane Belarbi, Zitouni Azari

Biomedical Science and Engineering. 2016, 4(1), 6-22 doi:10.12691/bse-4-1-2