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Biomedical Significance of Terpenes: An Insight

Sabitha Kandi, Vikram Godishala, Pragna Rao, K.V. Ramana

Biomedicine and Biotechnology. 2015, 3(1), 8-10 doi:10.12691/bb-3-1-2
  • Figure 1. Molecular structure of terpenes as observed as a side chain in Vitamin A
  • Figure 2. The molecular Structure of terpenes as observed in polymers of isoprenoid units (5C)
  • Figure 3. The Mevalonic acid pathway that occurs in cytosol of living cells
  • Figure 4. The Methyl erythritol phosphate or non-mevalonic acid pathway which occurs in plastids of plants, apicomplexa group of protozoa and many bacteria