Figure 1. Location of the observation wells used in the study (upper panel) and a geologic map of the North Coast Limestone aquifer (NCL). The circles with black centers are the five observation wells with a Pearson correlation coefficient between depth-to-water and water temperature above 0.85. The highly correlated station in Salinas, in the South Coastal Plain aquifer, was excluded from the study because the water level is controlled by tides and the pumping schedule of nearby production wells and not rainfall. The three red arrows show the locations of the high-risk areas in the NCL aquifer. The base map for the upper panel is from the United States Geological Survey and the lower panel is from [22]


Analysis of Groundwater in Puerto Rico

Méndez Tejeda Rafael, Richards Ronald T., Emiliano Anastacio

American Journal of Water Resources. 2016, 4(3), 68-76 doi:10.12691/ajwr-4-3-3