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Research Semiquantitatively on Camouflaging Right A-Pillar of Vehicle

Yizong He

American Journal of Vehicle Design. 2019, 5(1), 5-9
  • Figure 1. Images of four circular objects vs object distance: (a) Observation point closest to rings, (b) middle interval, (c) largest distance
  • Figure 2. Illustration of the light path of Figure 1
  • Figure 3. Width of invisible rectangular prism vs base angle of isosceles triangle illustrating Table 1
  • Figure 4. Positions of car seat for drivers of different stature
  • Figure 5. Vertical view of A-pillar and the observation point (data unit: cm)
  • Figure 6. Exploded views of invisible prism vs displacement of observation point
  • Figure 7. Changes of driver’s eyes relative to invisible prism
  • Figure 8. Illustration of calculations of the overlapping area between two invisible prisms
  • Figure 9. Various combinations of invisible prisms setting up A-pillars suitable to all sorts of vehicles