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Cost Efficiency of Thai National GAP (QGAP) and Mangosteen Farmers’ Understanding in Chanthaburi Province

Pongthong Pongvinyoo, Masahiro Yamao, Kenji Hosono

American Journal of Rural Development. 2015, 3(2), 15-23 doi:10.12691/ajrd-3-2-1
  • Table 1. Respondents socio-economic background
  • Table 2. Current GAP understanding of mangosteen farmers categorized by GAP elements
  • Table 3. Difference of farmers GAP understanding in three districts
  • Table 4. Economic incentive comparison between Chanthaburi GAP-based and ordinary farmers
  • Table 5. Comparative cost efficiency of different mangosteen planting density
  • Table 6. Practical GAP-based mangosteen production cost, income, and profitability
  • Table 7. Practical GAP-based mangosteen investment categorized by main production costs
  • Table 8. Relationship between farmers’ GAP understanding and their production cost
  • Table 9. Relationship between farmers’ GAP understanding and farmers’ income