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Knowledge and Perception of Cervical Cancer and Its Prevention among Female Nurses in the Ga South Municipality, Ghana

Stephen Manortey, Rashid Rashida

American Journal of Nursing Research. 2020, 8(2), 254-262 doi:10.12691/ajnr-8-2-14
  • Table 1. Demographic Characteristics of Respondents
  • Table 2. Awareness of signs of cervical cancer
  • Table 3. Awareness of a woman’s chance of developing cervical cancer
  • Table 4. Female nurses’ perception on cervical cancer
  • Table 5. Female nurses’ attitude towards cervical cancer
  • Table 6. Bivariate analysis of selected demographic factors on awareness of cervical cancer
  • Table 7. Bivariate analysis of perceptions to chances of developing cervical cancer on awareness of CC