Table 10. Distribution of the Patient of quality of primary health care according to the relationship between their Attitude score about care and Socio-demographic characteristics (Gender, Marital Status, Level of education, Occupation, Family economic)


The Effect of Quality of Health Care in Saudi Arabian Perception to Patient Satisfaction in Makkah in 2018

Abid Ahmed Masi Almalki, Mohammed Yahya Almalki, Mohmmed Lafy Aljapri, Meshari Mohmmed Ali Alotaibi, Abdullah Ahmed Masi Almalki, Ghassan Ghazi Marghalani, Faiza Ramadan Housawi, Abdullah. D. A. Alotaibi, Mohana Abdulaziz Marzog Alsolimy

American Journal of Medical Sciences and Medicine. 2018, 6(2), 57-65 doi:10.12691/ajmsm-6-2-8