Figure 1. Multiple intramedullary cavernous angiomas in a 39-year-old woman. a. Multiple hyperintense signals represent intralesional hemorrhage at the level from C4 to C7 on a sagittal T1-weighted image (arrow). b. The dark area represents hemosiderin deposition (arrow) on a sagittal T2-weighted image and is associated with extensive edema. c. One lesion occupies almost the entire spinal cord on an axial T2-weighted image. d. Postcontrast T1-weighted sagittal MR image showed multiple patchy hyperintense signal in the spinal cord


Multiple Intramedullary Cavernous Angioma of the Cervicothoracic Spine: Case Report and Review of the Literature

Gao Chuanping, Wang Hexiang

American Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2016, 4(10), 343-345 doi:10.12691/ajmcr-4-10-4