Figure 4. Histogram showing the frequency of GATA6-L isoform expressions in maternal placenta and the relation to newborn health status. The absence of expression is linked to stillborn (red); the low expression is associated to cardiopathies or metabolic syndromes (blue), the normal expression is not linked to sick children (green) while the overexpression is associated to cardiac hypertrophy


The Atypical Expression of Retinoic Acid Inducible GATA6 Protein in Placenta is a Convenient Biomarker for Newborn Health Assessment

Abel Kangnidé, Denis Akpovo, Callinice D. Capo-Chichi

American Journal of Medical and Biological Research. 2020, 8(1), 17-23 doi:10.12691/ajmbr-8-1-3