Figure 1. Western blot with 10% polyacrylamide gel showing GATA6 protein expression pattern in the placenta samples. The two isoforms of GATA6 are observed in sample 5z, 6A, 5x, 2H, and 2F (the Long type and the Short type). Sample 6B shows the loss of GATA6 type L, 3H and 3Z show undetectable expression of GATA6 by western blot. As loading control α-actin band was used


The Atypical Expression of Retinoic Acid Inducible GATA6 Protein in Placenta is a Convenient Biomarker for Newborn Health Assessment

Abel Kangnidé, Denis Akpovo, Callinice D. Capo-Chichi

American Journal of Medical and Biological Research. 2020, 8(1), 17-23 doi:10.12691/ajmbr-8-1-3