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Generation and Validation of Antibodies Targeting AD1 Containing Isoform of Alternatively Spliced TNC

Ali S Alhareth, Musaad A Alsulaiman, Abo baker I Alshomrani, Waleed A Alyami, Hamad M Harthi

American Journal of Medical and Biological Research. 2019, 7(1), 24-28 doi:10.12691/ajmbr-7-1-5
  • Table 1. Summary of TNC-AD1 sequence identity compared to other FNIII domains of TNC
  • Table 2. Summary of TNC-AD1 sequence identity in other species compared to the human TNC-AD1 sequence
  • Table 3. Summary of the selected TNC-AD1 sequences for antibody generation
  • Table 4. Serial dilution of the purified TNC-AD1 antibody (GB1 sequence)